The 3 Secrets to END the Cycle of Yelling & Overreacting as a Parent
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Parents often find themselves yelling at their child, sending them to their room or resorting to the punishments their parents used in childhood. Overreacting and disconnecting with children can be damaging but there are more effective ways to correct behavior. 

In this masterclass, I will reveal the 3 secrets to connect with and discipline children without yelling or depriving them of the positive connection they need by using discipline strategies based on neuroscience and child development.

Secret #1:

I will reveal what is driving misbehavior so parents can correct it from the root instead of wasting time and energy stopping the same behaviors again and again

Secret #2:

 I will reveal the root of what drives parents to overreacting and yelling so they can build awareness and learn to connect through correction

Secret #3:

I will reveal the missing component to parenting peacefully so parents feel confident and equipped to correct misbehavior without losing connection.
** PLUS - HUGE bonus: LIVE attendees will access a $57 class packed with scientifically proven strategies to not lose it.

Hey Momma! I'm Rachael

I'm so happy that we've connected!

As a momma who grew up with traditional, authoritarian-style parenting, I was determined to break the cycle of yelling, harsh physical punishments and disrespectful discipline in my home, so I plunged myself into the world of gentle and respectful parenting, soaking up as much knowledge as I could and began implementing what I learned in every new stage of my parenting journey.
In the process, I saw a need for an easy-to-remember formula that would help parents manage their own triggers and allow them to guide their children peacefully from chaos to calm, so I created a simple, proven system called "The Considerate Conversation Formula."
I have helped hundreds of thousand's of parents worldwide create more peace in their homes and better their relationship with their children through my online platforms, programs and private coaching. 
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