Managing Your Triggers

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Managing Your Triggers

Designed for parents with children of all ages who want to stop unhealthy reactions such as yelling, passive aggression, or emotional disconnection and learn to proactively manage their temper so they can parent respectfully and respond assertively to behavior.
Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Scientifically proven ways to reveal the root of the unhealthy reactions parents have to their children's behavioral or emotional outbursts.
  • The strategies to reverse reactions that are taking parents nowhere so they can start responding assertively to their children
  • The tools to prevent future unhealthy reactions and end the vicious cycle of yelling, passive aggression, and emotional disconnection.
  • ​Receive one free video class and a Playlist of Positive Affirmations to help you maximize the benefit of the Managing Your Triggers Guide

How to Manage Triggers When You Are Touched Out or Lack Support

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Positive Affirmations Audio Playlist

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